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*SUUSA - Southern Utah University Student Association* (SUUSA)

SUUSA is SUU's student government. They are composed of the Academic senate, the clubs and student leadership branch, the cabinet, and the student activities board.

A+CED (Architecture | Construction | Engineering | Design)

The A+CED organization is a facilitator of interdisciplinary communication. The design of a structure and it's subsequent operation is performed by a myriad of efforts and roles and we strive to perform with distinction in each role in that process.

Achievers Of SUU (Achievers)

We help students achieve a better education by helping them understand themselves and overcome academic obstacles, by providing each student the means and guidance to achieve their goals. We believe that all can reach their potential.


An organization for women with interest in computing.

Acoustic Instruments Club (AIC)

Anyone interested in learning to play, teaching how to play, looking for others to play with, or anything involving Guitars, Ukuleles, etc.. We meet Weds from 6-8 pm in the Sharwan Smith Living Room. Come PLAY with us!

Acro Yoga Club (A.Y.C)

We meet once a week to learn acro yoga. We practice partnered yoga, yoga, and physical fitness. The class is for all levels so don't be afraid to join!! Moreover, it is a lot of fun!

Active Minds at Southern Utah University (Active Minds)

Active Minds is a chapter of a national organization that is working to raise awareness about mental illness by putting on events to show support and making sure students know what resources they have.

African Union Club (AUC)

all students that were born in Africa or from anywhere else can join this club to embrace our diversity and share our beautiful culture on our campus

Agriculture Club (Ag Club)

The SUU Agriculture Club provides opportunities for social interaction, leadership development, academic enrichment, and service to the agricultural community. All SUU students with an interest in agriculture are welcome, regardless of major.

Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement.

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